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Oils and Acrylics Art Class with Linda Edmonds

Starts :
Tuesday, 14 February 2017
Finishes :
Tuesday, 07 March 2017
Classes :
4 sessions of 3 hours
Time :
Tutor :
Linda Edmonds
Price :
$152.00 (GST included)
Code :
Venue :
WEA Wollongong

Interested in making your own artworks that are as beautiful as the ones above? Then this 4 week course is for you!
This 4 week course is designed for both beginner and intermediate painters. The course aims to start and gradually build the fundamental principles of 2 dimensional painting specialising in either oil or acrylic techniques. Intermediate students will be asked to re-establish basic principles and then encouraged to extend their expertise and development.


* 12 x 16 inch (approx.) canvas board
* 16 x 20 inch stretched canvas
* A4 or A3 Sketch pad
* 6B and B pencil
* Kneadable rubber
* 6 brushes at least; a variety of bristle and/or sable painting brushes; differing sizes large to small, square (mostly) and round end, OR/ a brush kit/set; also include .
* 1 soft sable 1.5 cm square end brush (for blending) and,
* 1 fan brush (smaller-medium size)
* 1 palette knife
* Large Kidney Palette or disposable large white plastic plates (flat bottom)
* Retarder (to slow down drying process)
* Paints: White, Cadmium Yellow, Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium Red (true red), Phthalo or Ultramarine Blue, Cerulean Blue, Paynes Grey (if available, or Black), OR/ any beginner’s set of good quality acrylic paints.
* 1 Rag and/or roll of kitchen paper
* 1 tube of hair shampoo (for cleaning brushes)

37-40ml tubes (minimum colours to get started):
Titanium white
Cadmium yellow
Yellow ochre
Cadmium red
Alizarin crimson
Pthalo blue
Cerulean blue
Paynes grey
OR any beginner’s oil painters kit of minimal number of colours.

3 x SOFT bristle brushes (minimum to get started): small rounded tip no 2, medium bristle flat no 6, larger flat bristle no 12, small fan brush (optional), palette knife no 1 (optional)
White kidney shaped palette
1 x bottle odourless turpentine
2 x rags or roll of paper towel
2 x small squat jars with lids
2 x canvas boards: 14 x 18 inches or slightly smaller
1 x stretched canvas: 16 x 20 inches (NB you may prefer 3 canvases or 3 boards)
1 x A4 sketch pad plus, 2B and 6B pencil and kneaded rubber

At times WEA must cancel classes due to lack of enrolments. To avoid undue costs please do not purchase any requirements until your course has been confirmed as going ahead.

Please call the WEA office on
phone: 4226 1622 three days prior to the commencement of the class to confirm that it will be going ahead.

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